Kippa’s Birthday!

by Eric Goldman


Kippa’s Birthday!

A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
Lao Tzu

Proud parents Rob and Eric are pleased to announce the birth of their 800 lb. baby elephant. Kippa is alive and well and has all his toes, ears and tusks. He arrived in the Microsoft AppSource store today!

Kippa: Fast and easy reminders for Microsoft Teams © is the bot who supplies the function missing from Microsoft Teams. If you take a look around this site you’ll see that Kippa is a true KTi app: Surprisingly powerful, with a five minute learning curve.

A thought that dovetails with our vision: Simplifying life, one app at a time ©.

It’s been a long and difficult journey for KTi’s team. When we launched the company in May 2020, our only knowledge of Microsoft was as users of Excel and WORD. But we took that first step and dived into the Microsoft technology stack.

Microsoft’s technology provides the most powerful development environment in the world. The depth and breadth of their stack enables you to build any app you can imagine. Truly awesome power, because it’s all integrated and all of its functionality is available to developers regardless of the focus of their interest.

But…They are also a company of engineers who, in their own minds, build software for use by people like themselves; ones with an engineering or technical bent. Not exactly user hostile, but certainly not user friendly. Difficult, complex applications with lots of moving parts and strange user interfaces that don’t articulate what you can do, or how to do it. 

The Good News is that that makes a company like KTi special in Microsoft Land. We  believe the exact opposite of their approach is the way one should design and build an app. We were determined to avoid the same mistakes: Kippa—Fast and easy reminders for Microsoft Teams © has a five-minute learning curve.

And, according to our Beta Test users, we succeeded! Our users do indeed learn to use Kippa in less than 5 minutes. They enjoy using our app! We design what we call, Articulate Interfaces: easy to know how to do to do what you want to do. Because the UI itself shows you how, quickly, and always with a touch of humour.

Kippa, Fast and easy reminders for Microsoft Teams © is now available for a 2-week free trial and we don’t even ask for a credit card. Check out the Get Kippa page and you could be using Kippa a few minutes later. You could, by doing so, never forget anything important again.

Or go directly to AppSource to get your free immediately.

Take care and stay well, won’t you?

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