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Please click this link to get your Kippa documentation kit:

  1. The Kippa Quickstart Powerpoint presentation: a two-minute walk through of Kippa’s features and how to use them.
  2. Kippa Reference Card. All you need to know in one page. We suggest you open the card in a different window from Teams, and refer to it when crafting your first few reminders.
  3. Kippa Release Notes detailing Known Issues

To create your first reminder, type remind into Kippa's Chat tab or @kippa remind into a message box in a channel.

Commands can be abbreviated to the first two letters. For example, type re for remind. Kippa ignores the third letter onwards of each command, so reminder will also work.

To send a reminder:

@kippa remind

remind me to submit the report at 4pm
remind @fred to run the tests tomorrow at 9:00
remind me to call rob once a week at 2pm until the 19th of June
remind @Team “Townhall starts in 15 minutes” every Friday at 9:45am

You’ll receive a confirmation, and then the reminder when it’s due. Confirmations can be edited, or deleted, to change the Reminder, and when you do get one, you can Snooze it.

The Chat Tab:  Commands issued by you in the tab are private between you and Kippa. Confirmations and the reminders are seen by you, only, in the tab.

The Channel:  To send a reminder to anyone other than yourself, tell it to Kippa in a channel. These reminders are public to the channel and all @mentions. Kippa reminds you in the channel, to look in the chat tab for the confirmation.

On receipt of the reminder, you can Snooze it. You can List, Edit, or Delete reminders.

For more help click one of the menu items above.

Commands:   Remind

Remind Components

Kippa's remind syntax


remind me to call the Team at 4pm tomorrow

remind me to call eric once a week at 2pm until the 19th of June

remind me to call rob tomorrow at 16:00

remind @eric to call me every day at 2pm

remind @Team Townhall Meetings are in "15 minutes" at 9:45am every Friday

remind me to post a teams announcement about the start of a sprint on Wednesday at 2pm and repeat every 2 weeks

remind me to submit my timesheets at 4:30pm every Friday until Dec 24th

remind me to run the focus groups at 2:30pm every Monday for 4 times

WHO:   The Recipients

  • "me" - send a reminder to yourself
  • @mentions: team members, channels, teams
  • @private channels. To send a reminder to a private channel:
    1. Select the channel in the Teams left-hand panel and click on the ellipsis (...)
    2. Chose the “Get email address” option and click the Copy button
    3. Issue the reminder from your Kippa chat tab as usual, pasting the address as the
    remind PrivChan - bottest to file their agenda items at 2pm every Thursday

WHAT:   Reminder Text

  • the subject of the reminder
  • if this contains a date and time that is not a component, then enclose in quotes
  • e.g. remind me to schedule my flight for “3pm tomorrow” in 1 hour
Words, Numbers, Date/Time

Enclose clauses in quotes that contain numbers, dates and times and the following words:

month names like "may" as in “I may need some help”
Ordinals like 2nd and 4th
last day of the month/year
4 digit numbers bounded by white-space(e.g. " 1234 ", etc.)

WHEN:   Date/Time

  • Currently supported date formats are US: May 8, 2021; and ISO8601: 2021-05-08.
  • a specific date/time:  e.g. 2000-12-31  1:00 pm   Year must be 4 digits.
  • "once" and "twice" are currently not supported.
  • end of today/day  =  5:30 pm
    tomorrow without a time  =  now + 24 hours
  • a named date/time:

    3rd Sunday of the month
    last day of the month/year
    weekdays, Monday to Friday or M-F/m-f
    every other / alternate / 2nd day/ Sunday
    times specified without a meridiem—as in 9 to 5 for example—will be transformed into earlier and later times like this: 9am and 5pm. If Kippa gets this wrong, edit the reminder and change it by adding the meridiem. The meridiem can be “a” or “p”, “am” or “pm”, or “a.m.” or “p.m.”

  • Times specified without a meridiem, 9 to 5 for example, will be transformed into 9am and 5pm. We suggest you append a meridiem to all times, though. Kippa’s assumptions may not be correct and because you didn’t specify a meridiem, the “when” will be shown without them making it difficult to detect.
  • Numbers named in words are not interpreted as numbers: use “8”, not “eight"
  • periodically: e.g. daily

REPEAT:   Recurrence / Completion

  • is optional
  • keywords: "repeat every", "repeat" is optional if "every" is present
  • has a mandatory part:
    repeat every 2 days
    repeat daily
    every day
  • has an optional part:
    e.g. until 2000-08-31 at 10pm


remind me to get milk every day at 5pm
remind me to get up and stretch every 2 hours between 9am and 5pm weekdays
remind @team “the townhall starts in 15 minutes" at 9:45 Friday and repeat every week


Between must have a beginning, an end and a frequency of repeat. Date ranges for the Between clause are currently not supported. Use a time-based range like between 9 and 5 weekdays…

remind me to do something every 30 minutes between 8am and 10am M-F


After submitting the reminder to Kippa, you will get a Confirmation Card.

Confirmation Card - no Chat prompt

If the reminder was typed while you are in a channel, the Confirmation Message will inform you that the Confirmation Card can be found in Chat.

Confirmation Message - prompt to look in Chat

If the Setting "Notify me to look in Chat" is unchecked, the confirmation message will not contain the prompt:

Confirmation Message

If you are sending the reminder while in Chat, you will receive only a Confirmation Card.

Button:   List

The list command provides a list of reminders. Your reminders are archived for a month and then deleted, please bear this in mind when listing expired reminders.

  • the list will appear in the Chat tab. If you type this command in a channel, you will be prompted to switch to Chat
  • if you are in Chat, no prompt will appear

List has three subcommands:

all  |   current  |  expired

all:    list all

  • List all reminders: both future and past (expired). The List button on the Reminder Confirmation card does this.
  • If this subcommand is not specified all is implied.

current:    list current

  • lists all future reminders

    current reminders
  • each list entry has two buttons:
    • Edit: allows you to edit the reminder and make changes (see Edit)
    • Delete: clicking this button will delete the reminder (see Delete)

expired:    list expired

  • will list all past (expired) reminders

If you have no reminders, then you will receive the following message:

no reminders

Commands:   Settings

The settings command enables you to change preferences. See Help/Format for more.

Settings dialog
  • Language: "English - Canada" is taken from your Teams setting.
  • Timezone: "America/Toronto" is taken from your computer's location.
  • Date Format: "Region Default” displays the default format for the Language setting.
  • Date Format field: is a popup that lists choices pertinent to your region.
  • Time Format: is a popup to select 12 or 24 hour format.
    Military time (e.g. 1300) is not supported.
    Please separate hours and minutes with a colon - eg. 13:00
  • Notificatons:
    • Notify me to look in Chat: if you are in a channel, and send a reminder, you will be prompted to look in Chat for confirmation.
    • Do not use cards to display information: apart from List, you will receive only messages in response to commands.
  • User Interface:
    • Display Kippa cartoons: if set will display cartoons of Kippa on cards such as the Confirmation Card.
    • Minimal (no Kippa cartoons): no cartoons will be displayed on cards.
    • Coming soon: the ability to personalize cards with your own images (jpg, png, gif).
    • Use cards for confirmations: confirmations will appear in cards, if set, else confirmations are delivered as messages.

Button:   Edit

You can edit your reminders before they fire, either by Listing them and then selecting the one to edit and clicking the Edit button, or edit the reminder directly on the Confirmation card.

Confirm dialog

Change the words and click the Submit button to update the reminder. Due to limitations in Teams, who cannot be changed. To change the recipients, delete the reminder (click delete), and create a replacement.

Edit dialog

To delete a reminder, other than the last one you created, use the List command to find the reminder, and then click the Delete button of that reminder.

List dialog

Due to a Teams limitation, reminders cannot be removed from the list as you delete them; A confirmation message appears at the bottom of the list, informing you that the reminder has been deleted.

Reminder "me to call a staff meeting at 3:10pm" deleted!"

You may have to scroll down to see it.

Commands:   Delete

The Delete command deletes the last reminder you created.
The Delete button on the Reminder Confirmation card does the same.
Enter delete followed by Return/Enter.
A confirmation message will appear informing you that the reminder has been deleted.
Edit dialog

To delete a reminder, other than the last one you created, use the List command to find the reminder, and then click the Edit button of that reminder.

Commands:   Snooze

The Snooze command opens the Snooze card so that you can be reminded again at a future date and time.
Type snooze followed by Return/Enter.
Edit dialog

The new date and time can be changed in two ways:

  • Enter a duration in the form of days, hours and minutes - e.g. 1d 5h 10m, OR
  • Enter a date and time - e.g. 2000-08-31 3pm

Click the Submit button and you will receive a confirmation card letting you know when the reminder will occur.

Edit dialog

Commands:   Feedback

Typing 'feedback' displays a card with a 'Feedback' button that takes you to the contact form.

Date and Time:   Format

The date formats are currently restricted to ISO8601 (2000-08-31) and U.S.

The date and time are formatted for display according to two settings:

  1. Teams Setting
    The value of your Teams setting for App language: Teams

    At present Kippa only supports the English language.
    The second part of this setting indicates the Country and the combination is the default that Kippa uses to display dates and times.
    For example, the Teams setting English (Canada) will display the default date and time as   2000-08-31   2:38 p.m.

    Teams defaults to English (United States) date formats when it launches.

  2. Kippa Settings
    In Kippa's settings, you can override this format and choose another. Kippa Date Setting

Date and Time:   Timezone

The Timezone is a function of where your computer is located. Teams supplies this value to Kippa.

Timezones of the world

TimeZonesBoy, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

When you travel, your timezone affects the time of reminders you create. Existing reminders are tagged with the timezone you were in when you created them.
For example, if you create a reminder in Toronto, then fly to Vancouver, the reminder will be delivered on EST/EDT time.

Date and Time:   Daylight Savings Time

Kippa keeps track of Daylight Savings Time around the world, so you don't have to - one less thing to worry about.
When you set a reminder, you can rest easy knowing that Kippa will 'Spring forward' and 'Fall back' in every timezone that supports DST.
Your reminders will be delivered at the correct time.

Reminders that are scheduled to occur after a Daylight Savings Time switch, will be confirmed for the time you entered, and Kippa will fire the Reminder at the correct time. For example, it is 9 March in North America and the swtich to daylight savings occurs on the second Sunday in March (14th in 2021). You create a reminder: remind me to submit timesheet at 5pm 2021-03-15. The reminder will fire at 5pm on that day.

Kippa Reseller Partner Plan

Using Kippa

Our partner plan is offered only to organizations who use Kippa internally. Please complete your Application by downloading a free trial from Microsoft’s AppSource store.

When your trial expires in two weeks, we’ll send you a link to our Partner Portal to purchase Kippa for your internal use. The first 500 seats you purchase are priced at the initial partner discount of 30%, yielding a price of $17.50 per seat per year. The discount increases with volume as shown in the table below. (All prices in US dollars).

You may adjust the number of seats you use internally, or renew or cancel your subscription, in your Partner Portal at any time. Subscription fees will be adjusted accordingly. Any refunds due will be issued according to our Terms of Service Agreement.


Your royalty begins accumulating on the day your client purchases Kippa. Royalties are paid one month after KTi receives payment, and continue to be paid for as long as the client uses Kippa.

Royalties of less than $1,000 will be accumulated until they exceed this threshold to reduce the cost of transfer payments.

We do not pay a royalty for the seats you use internally, but the number is included in the calculation to determine the tier level for your royalty payment. When looking at the table below, please subtract the number of seats you use internally from the totals shown for each level.


Tier # Voume Breaks Discount % Total Sold Annual Royalty Monthly Payment
1 1-500 30.00% 500 $3,750.00 $312.50
2 501 to 5,000 33.00% 5,000 $41,250.00 $3,437.50
3 10,000 to 20,000 36.00% 10,000 $90,000.00 $7,500.00
4 20,001 to 30,000 39.00% 20,000 $195,000.00 $16,250.00
5 30,001 to 40,000 42.00% 30,000 $315,000.00 $26,250.00
6 40,001 to 50,000 45.00% 40,000 $450,000.00 $37,500.00
7 50,001 to 60,000 48.00% 50,000 $600,000.00 $50,000.00
8 60,001 to 70,000 51.00% 60,000 $765,000.00 $63,750.00
9 70,001 to 80,000 54.00% 70,000 $945,000.00 $78,750.00
10 80,001 to 90,000 57.00% 80,000 $1,140,000.00 $95,000.00
11 90,001 to 100,000 60.00% 90,000 $1,350,000.00 $112,500.00
12 100,001 to 110,000 63.00% 100,000 $1,575,000.00 $131,250.00
13 110,001 to infinity 66.00% 110,000 $1,815,000.00 $151,250.00

The Sales Process

We will supply you with marketing materials and sales aids. To ensure consistency of our marks and Kippa images, we request that any sales or marketing materials you create for the purpose of selling Kippa be approved by us in advance.

When one of your clients agrees to a free trial, all you need do is register the client in our Partner Portal. The client then installs Kippa directly from Microsoft’s AppSource store, and begins using the app immediately. We will record the sales representative who registers the sale and report this information to you with each royalty payment, to enable you to calculate any commissions owed.

If you attempt to register a client as a sale and that client is already a Kippa user, you will be contacted by us to resolve the situation. KTi’s decision in these cases will be final.

When the trial expires in two weeks, your client completes the purchase transaction on our site and thus pays us directly. These users remain your clients forever, and as befits your relationship with this client, you control the Kippa renewals sales process. We are both obviously motivated to ensure that these clients renew their subscriptions when they expire, and we’ll provide any assistance you request in this regard. For this reason, we will notify you by email two weeks before any of your client’s annual subscription expires. We will not remind you about the expiry of a monthly subscription, but we will remind you when a client’s subscription automatically renews because they selected this option during the purchasing process.

KTi will provision each new Microsoft Teams tenant with the required number of Kippa seats, and will carry all costs associated with the use of Kippa by your own or any of your client organizations. KTi will provide Kippa support to your own and client organizations.

To ensure that you are aware of all of your client’s Kippa activity, your own sales representatives will administer their client’s usage of Kippa from within our Partner Portal. These admin duties include adjusting the number of Kippa seats the client uses, or renewing or canceling subscriptions on their behalf. Any refunds resulting from these activities will be paid to the client directly, and your royalties will be adjusted to suit.

General Terms

While we will happily agree to an audit of our accounts, given that you will know precisely how many users you have sold Kippa to, there should not be a need to verify that your royalties are accurate.

You may terminate this agreement at any time, for any reason. If you do so, you will of course be in a position to dissuade your clients from renewing their Kippa subscriptions and, as specified in our Terms of Service, they may terminate their subscriptions at any time. Any applicable refunds will be paid to the appropriate parties. If you do terminate this partnership, all future royalties for any of your clients who continue to use Kippa will no longer be paid to you.

KTi may terminate this agreement, but only for a reason which must be discussed with you prior to any action being taken. If this reason involves an illegal action on your part, or a demand from a law enforcement agency, KTi may terminate the arrangement immediately. For all other reasons, KTi will provide a minimum of one month notice.

Any disputes regarding this agreement will be tried in a court of law in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

KTi’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy cover the use of Kippa and will be assumed by us to form an addendum to any SaaS app agreements which may exist between you and your clients.

Singing into your Partner Portal is taken by us to indicate your acceptance of these terms and those stipulated in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Agreements. If you wish to discuss any of these terms, please contact us before you sign in.

Note, you must be a Kippa user before applying to become a partner. Please click the GET FREE TRIAL button below to get started.

No credit card required.
2-weeks free and then
$2.50/month, or
$25/year per user (16% discount)
* All prices are in US$

Kippa Sitting