Yes, Elephants can talk!

Kippa: fast and easy reminders for Teams ©

by Eric Goldman


I came across a fascinating site today, and although it has nothing to do with memory or Microsoft Teams, it has a great deal to do with our baby elephant, Kippa.

If you have seen some of our advertising videos, you’ll have come across a line from Paul Simon’s The Zoo: “Elephants are kindly but they’re dumb”.

We used this line to explain why Kippa sometimes incorrectly interprets the words that you type as your reminder. Fair enough: English is a difficult language to codify, and we have to apply a precise set of rules to your typed words to interpret the Who, What and When of your reminder.

But, as we are also quick to point out, Kippa does understand timezones and daylight savings times, and so is in fact much more intelligent than all other time-based apps that we’ve found! The rest of the field, apps like Slack’s /Remind, for example, make this your problem, telling you to adjust your reminders to suit other timezones manually. And as far as daylight savings times are concerned, they all ignore the issue completely, leaving you to determine that the reminder you’re setting now will have to be set an hour earlier or later if it has to fire after a switch date. So, yes, we’re proud of Kippa’s intelligence.

But the blog post I just read proves that Paul Simon was flat out wrong. Elephants are capable of communicating complex emotions and information to each other. Researches have discovered that they have >500 different ways of doing this, using their ears, trunks, legs and body, as well as various sounds and gestures.

The site has a search portal so you can find precisely the type of communication you’d like to learn more about, and I found it fascinating indeed.

If you’d like to explore the site, click here.

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