Kippa Release Notes

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Kippa, the bot that supplies the missing function for Microsoft Teams


Kippa’s latest version’s Release Notes are only available to Kippa users. Please login to Microsoft Teams and launch Kippa. Go to Kippa’s Help Tab, and click on the button in the QuickStart section, to download your Documentation Set containing:

  1. QuickStart PowerPoint presentation—2 minutes to learn how to use Kippa
  2. Kippa Reference Card—a one page PDF to help set your first reminders
  3. Release Notes.

Kippa’s functionality is defined in his Terms of Service, as being all the features and functions described in this Documentation Set.

No credit card required.
2-weeks free and then
$2.50/month, or
$25/year per user (16% discount)
* All prices are in US$

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