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KLIPPAS Technologies inc, KTi, is a Microsoft Partner and Software Developer.
In this Agreement, the words we, us and our refer to KLIPPAS technologies inc. located at 2911 Bayview Ave, Suite 110G, M2K-1E8, Toronto, Canada.

We are the publishers of:

  • Kippa, Fast and easy Reminders for Microsoft Teams ©,
  • Easy$, the easiest and fastest way to publish and sell your app on Microsoft ©.
  • Take Control: Seven Steps to Independence © Take Control’s Privacy Policy.

In this Agreement you, the purchaser and or user of Kippa, and your organization, are referred to as you.

All references to The Service in this Agreement apply to Kippa, any KTi website, any listings on Microsoft Commercial Marketplaces, and any of our support services.

Personal Data We Collect

Our websites conform to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation. The intent of this law is to give EU residents more control over their data. Organizations that handle data of EU residents must comply with these data and privacy rules.
Under this law, you have the following rights:

  1. The right to be informed
  2. The right of access
  3. The right to rectification
  4. The right to erasure
  5. The right to restrict processing
  6. The right to data portability
  7. The right to object
  8. Rights related to automated decision making and profiling

For more on these rights, please read this.

Our site employs Google Analytics to track your visit. Google may use cookies for its own and our tracking purposes, and although it may record your IP address, it does not provide it to us. The Analytics data that Google provides us are in aggregate form only, in which you appear only as one among the unidentified visitors to our site. For more on Google Analytics cookies and data collection policies, please read this.

We use Mailchimp to handle all registrations on site. Mailchimp use cookies to track your visit, and it does record your IP address if you chose to register. You can learn more about Mailchimp’s Privacy Policy and its use of cookies, here You need not register on our site, and if you do, the only personal information we record about you is your name and email address, and the text you enter into our Contact Form as feedback or when you add a comment to our blog.

We use Stripe to process credit card transactions. Stripe’s Privacy Policy provides details.
When you interact with Kippa or any of our websites, the data you provide is stored and used for two purposes: to perform the functions provided by us on your behalf, and to inform KTi of your visits to our site.

If you use Kippa’s feedback command, you will be asked to register on our site and supply us with your name and email address. We use LiveAgent to open a support ticket to track your suggestion or bug report, and we need these details to respond appropriately to your ticket. Please see LiveAgent’s privacy-policy for more detail.

Your Kippa reminders are stored until fired, and retained for a period for use in Kippa’s List function, before being permanently deleted. See the Kippa Terms of Service for more detail on storage of reminders.

When you purchase Kippa you provide Stripe or KTi with financial and billing information which varies according to the plan you purchase and your means of payment.

When you use Kippa, your Microsoft Teams tenant provides us with your Global Unique Identifier (GUID), from which we extract your name and other pertinent information. We also interrogate your device preferences to enable Kippa to perform its intended function.

As just two examples of this usage:

  • we direct messages to you when you are the subject of an @mention,
  • and we set Kippa to your local Timezone and language preferences.

Your rights concerning this data are dependent on you, your privacy settings and Microsoft.

If you interact with Kippa’s Partner Admin Portal, you will signin using either your Microsoft Account credentials, or your name and email address. As the Partner Admin user, you will be maintaining the information needed to maintain either your organization’s, or your client organization’s, access to and use of Kippa, including the number of licensed user seats.

We will never sell, rent or publish the names and email addresses of people who register on our site, or who use Kippa. We may ask your permission to use your name and or organization name in our marketing materials, and will only do so if you give us your written consent.

If you enter a comment on one of our blogs, we will moderate your entered text to minimize SPAM and to ensure you have complied with our guidelines. If you have not done so, you may, depending on the breach, be given an opportunity to remedy the issue. Once published, all such comments are considered to be in the public domain, thus honouring your intent in submitting them.

In addition to the data we collect and store as a Kippa user, we track each Teams’ usage data. The data are in aggregate form, on a per Team Instance basis only, and are used to tune the performance of Kippa. The data may also be used to adjust your billing on a per-user basis.
You may unsubscribe from any of our sites, or company, or terminate your use of Kippa at any time. At your request, we will expunge your name from our list.

Complaints, inquiries and requests

Requests to access, update, restrict or delete personal information, should be submitted to Please use the subject Privacy Concern, to bring it to the attention of our Privacy Officer.

Last updated: September, 2021