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Kippa, the Reminder bot missing from Microsoft Teams

Fast and Easy Reminders…

Quickly and easily set one-off or repeating reminders for yourself, your team members, a channel or a private channel. See the carousel below, Kippa at a Glance, for details.

Key Features

  • Kippa’s interactive Help System speeds you from novice to expert user in five minutes.
  • Personalize Kippa’s UI by choosing Cards and Cartoons, or plain text messages.
  • Kippa can remind you (a personal, private reminder in the Chat Tab), or, using @Mentions, a TeamMember, Channel, Private Channel, or the whole Team!
  • Kippa’s Settings Tab lets you select your preferred Language, date and time formats, and more.
  • Kippa understands Timezones and Daylight Savings Time: Your reminders fire at the right time, every time.
  • Unlimited use—set as many Reminders as you need.

$2.50 per month, or $25 per year, per user.*

Kippa at a Glance…

No credit card required.
2-weeks free and then
$2.50/month, or
$25/year per user (16% discount)
* All prices are in US$

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